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Hello, I'm Katy. A journalist and creative consultant who has spent more than 25 years working in media, PR and marketing communications. ☺

I began my career as a broadcast journalist in 2000, working for regional and national radio stations, before venturing into PR five years later. Until late 2020, I was one of the co-founders of a communications consultancy in Manchester, which has evolved to specialise in software systems and development. As a senior director there, I offered PR and marketing support to BBC, TATA Group and Manchester City Football Club. And I'm proud to say we still serve many of those clients we began working with over two decades ago.

After 13 years of helping to grow the agency, I've since dedicated my time to Creative Boom – a side project I began in 2009 to support struggling creatives. Today, my online magazine and podcast reach over a million creative professionals every month, and we partner with brands such as Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Canon, and Wix to deliver global campaigns to our niche audience.

Coming full circle from journalism to PR and back again while turning a beloved hobby into a full-time venture has been an absolute joy. I remain committed to building a platform that celebrates, inspires and supports the creative industry. And I'm passionate about applying everything I've learned thus far to help artists and designers everywhere, particularly the underrepresented.