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On Coaching

Workshops  ✺  Private Support

Extending my support to creative professionals everywhere through workshops and private coaching.

One of the greatest pleasures of running a creative platform is being able to support artists and designers throughout their careers. To add further value, I'm now providing creative coaching and workshops to help freelancers and small studios flourish.

It's always been a surprise to have people email or message me, asking for my advice on various matters. From freelancing and writing a press release to finding confidence and fighting inner demons, I've gladly provided so much advice over the last decade. It recently occurred to me how much I enjoy doing so.

It's incredible how quickly our careers can whizz by. One minute, you're starting a blog as a young 20-something; the next, you're working with advertisers as big as Microsoft, BBC and Penguin Random House, all from a platform you created from scratch 15 years ago. There's wisdom that comes from such a journey. We all underestimate how much we've learnt during our lifetimes. It occurred to me, why aren't I offering something in a more professional capacity?

So, if you're looking for a creative coach to support you on your journey, I'd be honoured to help. I can offer a wealth of advice about freelancing, growing a business and everything in between. I can help you find your creative voice, show you the ropes of PR and marketing, boost your confidence, and provide strategic support.

Coaching is personal. It's almost like having a business counsellor or a close confidant with whom you reveal your deepest concerns and insecurities. In which case, drop me an email, and we can see if we're a good fit for each other before we take any further steps. I look forward to hearing your story.