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On Consultancy

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Business advice for creative freelancers, small studios, and educational facilities.

I've spent the last 25 years working in journalism and marketing communications. In my past life, I was a freelancer, providing PR to various brands. I then grew an agency with staff, supporting clients such as BBC and Manchester City Football Club. I've even found the time to build a publishing platform for the creative industries. I now want to pass on my expertise to you.

I'm looking to work with anyone from creative freelancers and small studios to large educational facilities, offering my expertise on entrepreneurship, marketing communications, publishing, and the creative industries as a whole.

I won't be doing the actual work, you understand. This is a pure consultancy basis, i.e. you pick my brains, and I help you with strategy, so you're able to go away and build the house yourself. I just give you the building plans and perhaps help lay the foundations. Think of me as an architect. The rest is up to you.

But I won't just work with anyone. I'm picky about who I support, as I want to ensure I add lots of value. As a consultant, I want to inspire positive change to help you move forward and succeed. Sound good? I'd love to hear from you.